Tentative Schedule of Upcoming Meetings







September 12, 2017



Meeting postponed due to
Hurricane Irma



October 3, 2017 


5:30 PM


Rory Welsh , PhD


Whole Genome Sequencing of Candida auris


Bureau of Public Health Laboratories

Porter Auditorium



November 7, 2017


5:30 PM


Carmen Isache, MD


Neurological Infectious Diseases

- A Diagnosis Challenge


UF Health

Banquet Room

Tower 2, 10th floor


December 5, 2017


5:30 PM


Susanne Crowe, MS


Medical Errors

NOTE: 2 hour meeting


Dept of Health

Bureau of Public Health

Porter Auditorium


January 9, 2018



5:30 PM


Carleen Van Siclen, MS



Florida Laws and Rules



Mayo Clinic

Cannady Building

Kinne Auditorium


February 2-3, 2018


First Coast Infectious Disease/Clinical Microbiology Symposium

Hammock Beack Resort, Palm Coast, FL



February 13, 2017


5:30 PM


Robert Jerris, PhD


The nuts and bolts of integrating MALDI into your lab



St. Vincent's Riverside

Terry Conference Center


March 6, 2018



5:30 PM


Terri Ellis, PhD



Turning to the dark side: Exploring the evolution of Klebsiella pneumoniae as a global pathogen



St. Vincent's Southside

Bryan Auditorium



April 3, 2018


5:30 PM


Stephen White, MS


Emerging Diseases:

Where the wild things are!


Mayo Clinic

Cannady Building

Kinne Auditorium



May 1, 2018


5:30 PM


Meredith Reynolds-UF

Hunter Van Doren- Mayo

Mary Gillespe-Mayo



The Sherlocks of Microbiology: Clinical Case Studies Under the Scope






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